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Let us time travel back to the year 2009. The time of ugg boots, Twilight, and fake nerd glasses. I was 10 years old and took my moms digital Kodak camera and my cat Aladdin outside and started snapping pictures (Pictured below). I remember clear as day framing him in different sceneries and at different angles. The photo you see below is my favorite photo from that day. Now here we are, years later from first picking up a camera. Not only have I improved my skills of photography, but I also added videography along the way. I've traveled to Russia, Arizona, and Idaho, photographed for a coffee shop, a clothing brand, families, friends, and couples. As well I have filmed stories, events, concerts, behind the scenes, and music videos.

A purpose I never thought I’d have and a freelance business that took a lot of time and energy to build. What once, back in the day, began as Jessiejams Photography has turned in Spero Film and Photography. Spero is latin for hope, and this is a film/photo company working to capture and bring hope in every living moment.

“Dum Spiro, spero. While we breath we hope.”

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